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March 2016

An Idea for QCD Background Modeling

Today I’m very happy as Pablo and I have been able to prove – to ourselves, and to our colleagues in Padova – that a novel technique we devised to model the background from multijet production works. Continue reading “An Idea for QCD Background Modeling”

Two weeks in Lisbon

Hyvää päivää. So, my move to Lisbon was successful. My flat’s nice, has a great view of the sea, and is about a half-hour walk from LIP. My stuff from England eventually arrived, some items in slightly more pieces than is optimal, c’est la vie, luckily my guitars were all ok. Continue reading “Two weeks in Lisbon”

What if it is real ?

While the flurry of theoretical speculations on the 750 GeV bump spotted by ATLAS and CMS in their 13-TeV diphoton data continues (over 300 papers written to interpret it, in little more than 3 months), the question on whether it is a fluctuation or something else remains on the table, and keeps all of us wondering. Continue reading “What if it is real ?”

A short overview of my future career

Two weeks have passed since the workshop in Venice, and I would like to share with you my impressions about the project I’m involved in and the future perspectives waiting for me in the next months. Continue reading “A short overview of my future career”

Hello from Clermont-Ferrand

by David Calvet

Adjacent to the largest natural park in France, Clermont-Ferrand is the capital of the Auvergne Region. Major companies (Michelin, Limagrain, Volvic, etc.) contribute to the economic growth of the city, which counts 35,000 students. World capital of short films, Clermont-Ferrand offers a wide variety of cultural events. Continue reading “Hello from Clermont-Ferrand”

Another Prize to Giorgio Parisi!

I am very happy to report that Professor Giorgio Parisi won another important prize, six years after winning the Max Planck medal. Parisi is an Italian theoretical physicist who is very well known for his decisive contribution to QCD, with the DGLAP equations (the P stands for his last name) that govern the dynamics of gluons.  Continue reading “Another Prize to Giorgio Parisi!”

Particle physics in a Sartrean perspective

Ciao! Just a short post from me this time as I’m in the middle of my move to Lisbon.

I was recently introduced to the idea of a ‘Sartrean perspective’; a concept developed by Jean-Paul Sartre, which reveals the fundamental strangeness of objects and day-to-day actions, which are at first glance mundane, when they are stripped of biases and assumptions – when it is shown, at bottom, what an object is, or what an action involves. Continue reading “Particle physics in a Sartrean perspective”

A data scientist’s perspective?

At the end of last week, the 1st AMVA4NewPhysics Workshop took place in Venice. It was quite useful for coordinating future network activities and meeting the other ESR fellows and members.  The workshop program also included several short scientific talks related to the different work packages. I had a small slot (15 minutes) for a talk myself, which was titled “Higgs pair production searches: a data scientist’s perspective“. Continue reading “A data scientist’s perspective?”

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Or at Least a Hundred Feet Underground and a Thousand Miles from Home

Hey, everyone. My name’s Alec Josaitis; I’m a junior (third-year student) at the University of Michigan studying physics. However, I have taken this semester off from my University studies in order to conduct research in the ATLAS collaboration at CERN. Continue reading “Journey to the Center of the Earth – Or at Least a Hundred Feet Underground and a Thousand Miles from Home”

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