Well, that’s not how I had figured it out, but I’ll make the best of it….

What am I talking about ? I am going to explain it. I had planned to come to CERN for a week with the two researchers who are spending 100% of their time on our search for H-boson pair production. The plan involved getting to CERN on Thursday evening, and then working together almost full time through the weekend, aiming at presenting updated results next Wednesday at the relevant analysis meeting.

The first thing that did not go according to the plan was that one of the researchers, Martino, decided to come to CERN only next Monday. Oh well, too bad. Pablo and I took the same flight to Geneva and yesterday (Friday) we did spend a constructive day working together at the analysis. But today Pablo decided to stay home and work from there (I do not blame him in the least). The net result is that finally I am spending the daylight hours of an April Saturday here, in Building 40, all alone. Or, should I say, alone with the program I am writing. Or this blog, which constitutes a short break.

I am always surprised by observing how deserted during weekends is Building 40, the CERN building where most of the ATLAS and CMS analysts have their offices. It is a big place, with maybe 200 offices plus some 200 open-space desks. And probably there’s three or four people here today.

“And all that science, I don’t understand… It’s just my job five days a week” sung David Bowie Elton John in “Rocket Man” a long time ago.

Well, it seems people here really do have a life. After all, what am I complaining about? It’s good to know that scientists are no different from a regular Joe or Jane. It’s just me. I don’t have a life when I am at CERN, damnit !