by Tommaso Dorigo

There is little one can say about yesterday’s horrible massacre in Florida without sounding rhetoric. Not to mention the fact that it is being spun to reinforce one’s own beliefs or political agenda. Gun control laws, wars of religion, war to religions. Solidariety to the families of the fallen ones, even by those who could not care less. All of this is filling our social media feeds. People have opinions, and like to express them.

Except for the horribly high number of victims, similar things have happened in the past, and  I doubt there is a way to draw home any really meaningful lesson. But we can, at least, try and use our emotions to do something constructive and improve the environment, in the hope that our society can grow a little better. In fact, the process of integration -racial, sexual, whatever- is slow and convergence is not guaranteed; there are “potential barriers” to overcome, to use a scientific jargon.

Homophoby is unfortunately still ubiquitous. Although it is, I believe, a minority reaction, I have the feeling that homophobic persons generally do not realize that they are the odd ones. If the shooter was really triggered by being “disgusted by seeing males kissing each other”, as some medias report, this shows we have some work to do. It is sufficient motivation for expressing my support of the LGBT community today. Not because I think that anybody reading these lines will feel any better after the shocking news. Rather, because it is a signal-to-noise issue: ubiquitous declarations of support to a minority still prosecuted and subjected to violence and discrimination will hopefully pass a message, and improve the situation.

So, as a coordinator of the EU network that sponsors this blog, I declare this space a LGBT-friendly one!