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June 2016

Smashing Protons as Hard and Fast as ever

by Tommaso Dorigo

With CERN’s Large Hadron Collider slowly but steadily cranking up its instantaneous luminosity, expectations are rising on the results that CMS and ATLAS will present at the 2016 summer conferences, in particular ICHEP (which will take place in Chicago at the beginning of August). The data being collected will be used to draw some conclusions on the tentative signal of a diphoton resonance, as well as on the other 3-sigma effects seen by about 0.13 % of the searches carried out on previous data this far.

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Yandex School of Data Analysis for CERN’s LHCb Experiment

by Andrey Ustyuzhanin

Founded in 2007 by Russia’s leading web search provider and one of its largest IT companies, the Yandex School of Data Analysis (YSDA) has been offering the knowledge, experience, skills and insights of its teachers, students and graduates to the global high-energy physics community since 2011.

With its free Master’s-level program in computer science and data analysis, the Yandex School of Data Analysis brings together Continue reading “Yandex School of Data Analysis for CERN’s LHCb Experiment”

MoMEMta is out!

by Alessia Saggio

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’m very pleased to announce that… the 1st release of MoMEMta is out! From now on, you’ll be able to use the Matrix Element Method by yourself in a really easy way!

Before letting you have fun with MoMEMta, I would like to spend just a few words on the reason why we need it and why its development is (and will be!) so important in the Particle Physics world.

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IN2P3 School of Statistics

by Giles Strong

Bonjour! So, as you may have seen in Tommaso’s post, I’m currently attending the IN2P3 School of Statistics being held in Autrans; a lovely mountain village a short bus-journey from Grenoble.

This is my first physics school, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect; but as I sit here after an excellent day of lectures and a filling meal, Green Chartreuse in hand, and Continue reading “IN2P3 School of Statistics”

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