by Tommaso Dorigo

Today I gave a look at the geographical provenance of the visitors to this blog, to see what progress we have made in the course of its eight months of activity.

Of course starting a new blog is never easy – attracting regular readers is difficult, and the offer of good outreach material nowadays is very broad; so you need to post regularly, and add good content. All in all I am satisfied of our action, but there’s room for improvement; I should mention that the AMVA4NewPhysics network is still recruiting its PhD students, so the volume of posting has not reached its plateau yet.

If we look at the world map that wordpress produces in its “stats” page, we see that this blog has by now reached out a little bit everywhere, except the middle east and Africa. I can imagine that the scarce opportunities of internet connection and the life conditions in many african countries make it tough to surf the web there, but I am a bit surprised by the middle east.


Zero visits from Iran ?? Iran is a big country, with lots of scientists and a high education level. I understand that internet restrictions may play a role here, and I do not know the exact situation, but I was a bit surprised. Maybe some expatriates from there can comment on this…

Anyway, this was meant to be just a short post based on that map, but as I am writing it I realize that some members of our network have asked for more information on the success of the blog in terms of traffic – the blog is one of the network deliverables, which means that the European Union judges us on its merits. So let me paste here a graph of the monthly visits since last December.


As you can see, there is a generally positive trend, interrupted by one spike last May, due to a single post collecting a large number of visits by itself (it was Pablo de Castro’s post on why physicists are not good software developers). My goal for the first year was to reach a steady 10,000 views per month, and I think we will not make it although in principle we would have the potential of doing it. We have four more months to go, though. If you want to help, link us!