by Alessia Saggio

When I joined this network, I knew that I would travel a lot and that I would experience working with data analysis in (almost) all its different forms. This is actually what I’ve been doing until now and mainly what I will be doing from next week on until the end of the year. Well, to be honest, this new experience has nothing to do with travelling this time (unless you want to consider “travel” a displacement from my office on the order of 150m or even less, as the crow flies!).

I’m about to start my internship at B12, a consulting company founded in 2012 in Louvain-la-neuve by PhD’s in Cosmology, Particle Physics and Statistical Physics who shared the same passion for complex problem solving. It basically aims at providing its clients high quality solutions for their most complex problems. And this is what I’ll get into in the next months.

I can already imagine that working for a private company will be different from what I’ve done until now as a PhD student. But actually, this is not just a hunch, since some facts are for real: tighter time schedule, interaction with clients, more “immediate” delivery of my work (in the end I will have to provide the clients the solution they’re looking for).

Dealing with clients is for me the most exciting perspective: I’ll need to understand what they really want and do exactly what they ask for; I dare say that from this point of view it could be less “relaxing” than physics… 😉

Most of my work will focus on python-based machine learning techniques, data mining and development of new challenging algorithms, and I’m sure it’ll be a good training for myself and I will learn a lot. Everyone knows: the more different situations you face during your career, the more you’ll be able to deal with problems of different nature in the future.

So guys, wish me good luck: it’ll be a long way till the end of the year… I’ll keep you updated!