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October 2016

Two examples of two-sample

by Greg Kotkowski

Science never stops to astonish me. Lately, I’ve found out that two seemingly different approaches lead two independent groups of scientists to obtain almost the same results – so called multiple discovery. Certainly I was aware of many historical multiple discoveries, like the invention of calculus by Newton, Leibniz, and Fermat or the development of the Higgs boson idea simultaneously by at least 3 groups of physicist. However, I thought that nowadays, in the time of easy and quick information access, the multiple discovery should not occur. Continue reading “Two examples of two-sample”

Into the world of clustering algorithms: k-means, k-modes and k-prototypes

by Alessia Saggio

My internship at B12 Consulting is going on! And this time I would like to tell you a bit about some Machine Learning Clustering algorithms that I’ve been using here to treat and analyze my data.

Before going into details, let me just give you a very general overview about Machine Learning. Machine Learning techniques are in general divided in Continue reading “Into the world of clustering algorithms: k-means, k-modes and k-prototypes”

Smoothing alien data

by Pablo de Castro

What if you have some data you want to model, but do not know anything about its parent distribution, so you have to make as little assumptions as possible? In this post, I will go through the concept of density estimation and I will play with some interesting non-parametric methods.

Continue reading “Smoothing alien data”

Doing Outreach With Music

by Tommaso Dorigo

Last August 27 a full-day outreach event was held in the nice small town of Veroia, in northern Greece, as one of the satellite activities to the international conference “Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum” which took place in Thessaloniki during the following days. As the AMVA4NewPhysics network sponsored the conference, of course I am proud to report here that the outreach event in Veroia was Continue reading “Doing Outreach With Music”

CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics 2017

by Fabricio Jiménez

This short post is to advertise the CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics (CLASHEP) 2017 in Mexico. The deadline for applications is the upcoming 18th of NovemberContinue reading “CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics 2017”

Approaching General Searches, part I

by Fabricio Jiménez

This time I’m going to write about the ways of approaching general searches for new phenomena. I invite you to read my previous post to get some context, if you haven’t already. The essence of such searches is to explore as many signatures as possible, without assuming any model of new physics. But how does one do that?

During my last visit to CERN, I had the chance to meet in person for the first time Continue reading “Approaching General Searches, part I”

CERN at first sight

by Greg Kotkowski

A week ago I started my 3-months secondment at CERN. This is the first time that I have ever come to CERN. Don’t blame me, I’m a statistician, not a physicist, so I have never had neither an opportunity nor any need to come here.

So far I’m totally overwhelmed and knocked out by CERN. Seeing all those researchers and other smart people in one place is an extraordinary experience. Actually, I feel kind of stupid Continue reading “CERN at first sight”

Anaconda, Pandas and more: life at B12 Consulting

by Alessia Saggio

As you probably remember from my last post, I started my internship at B12 Consulting two weeks ago as my second secondment foreseen by the network activities.

So, today my third week starts and I guess it’s a good time to tell you what I have experienced and learned in these days. Continue reading “Anaconda, Pandas and more: life at B12 Consulting”

Six months in

by Giles Strong

Ciao. As the title suggests, it’s been about half a year now since I started my PhD research, and last week I presented a summary of my work so far to the CMS group here in Padova. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to translate my presentation into a more blog-friendly form, but for the more scientifically minded, I’ll link the original at the end. Here goes! Continue reading “Six months in”

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