by Fabricio Jiménez

This short post is to advertise the CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics (CLASHEP) 2017 in Mexico. The deadline for applications is the upcoming 18th of November

clashep_posterThe school mainly targets doctoral students in HEP from Latin America, but also welcomes other nationalities and levels (postdocs and master students). If you come from a Latin American country and have funding limitations, CERN may be able to offer financial aid.

CLASHEP is a great experience. Academically, I think it is a unique opportunity to meet with the Latin American community in HEP, which has an important (and growing) presence in the field. The activities include a poster session, lectures from experts in different topics and group discussions every day. On top of that, the school is very well planned and usually organizes a few trips to get to know the local culture and explore the nature around!

Can you guess why I sound so certain and excited about it?

My experience: CLASHEP 2015

About a year and a half ago, I attended the last edition of this school in Ibarra, Ecuador. I remember these three weeks with great joy. Let me summarize this experience in four highlights:

Lots of work

Every day we had about six hours of lectures plus a couple of hours of group discussion. The level of the lecturers and the group leaders was excellent; you could bring up essentially any question or subject and start a very fruitful discussion. The last ten days, the groups also had to meet without the leader to prepare a final presentation about a paper.

The students

I was happily surprised by the amount and quality of the attendees. Also, I became friends with several of them (given that the discussions would extend to the night hours over a beer most of the some days).

Local impact

The school also supported the participation of local undergraduate students and appeared in the newspaper. I am sure that this triggered the interest of some young Ecuadorians to pursue a career in HEP.

The rest of the experience

Ibarra is a town in the Andes mountains. During the trips we took around we had the chance to discover amazing landscapes, like the Cuicocha lake or some waterfalls (and believe me that coming from Venezuela I have high standards). Last but not least: the food was amazing! And this time the expectations should be even higher, given the richness of Mexican cuisine.


I am not eligible to participate in CLASHEP 2017, because I attended the last one, but I’m still looking forward to take part in future editions!

¡Hasta pronto!

Feature image taken from the school’s webpage