by Giles Strong

After two months of jolly cooperation, my secondment in Padova is over, and I’ve had to bid farewell and head back to Lisbon.

When I first arrived, I spent a month working at the statistics department of the University of Padova with Cecilia, Greg, Pablo, and Giovanna. There I continued development of a neural-network-based classifier I’d been working on, and was also able to share it, and it’s results, with my fellow researchers and get feedback on it.

I also began development of a regressor to the di-Higgs mass, and this formed the basis for my work the following month at INFN, where I refined it and added in initial regression stages. These initial stages were added with the intention of accounting for the energy which is lost in the decays of some particles, and also to try and overcome the finite resolution of the detector. Results are promising, and I hope to be able to quantify the level of improvement soon.

Again, I was able to easily interact with Pablo, Tommaso, Martino, and the other researchers there, and pick up many new ideas.

Padova itself is a lovely city and I’ve enjoyed being able to live, and experience life, there. I’ll follow Cecilia’s example and leave you with a slide-show of some of the sights, but for now it just remains for me to say thank you to Greg, Pablo, Cecilia, Tommaso, Giovanna, Sabine, and Martino for the many interesting discussions and their hospitality in making my stay fun.

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