by Alessia Saggio

Hi everyone – I just got back from the 3rd AMVA4NewPhysics workshop that took place in Oxford on December 19th and 20th. I am heading back home for holidays now, but before wishing you a merry Christmas I would just like to share with you some feelings and impressions that I had about this workshop.

First of all, it was really nice for me to be back in Oxford after five months. If you followed the blog, you may know that I spent all July there to work on my first secondment and that I had a really great time. The city felt like  familiar to me, aside from some Christmas lights in the streets (that actually made it even more awesome!).

The purpose of the workshop is to gather together all the people belonging to the network, in order to discuss about the current situation, highlight some issues if any, define solutions to allow everyone to work at his best, and set up plans for the future for all the ESRs.

So, I had the opportunity to catch up with all the other ESRs again and to meet the new one (Alexander) who joined the network in the last weeks. I am always glad when we have the chance to stay together, exchanging some feelings, helping each other and, why not?, having fun together. Some of them were not able to attend the workshop, but there will be plenty of opportunities in the next months!

We also had the chance to present the current status of our work and to discuss together about it, exchanging some opinions and getting new hints for the future. I think it was really useful for each of us.

Also, some new events were defined for the next year: some of us will fly to California, others to Moscow, others to Lisbon… the list is long! But trust me when I say that these will be really good opportunities for us to grow up from the professional point of view (and not only).

Ok, it is time to catch a flight now. Just have a look at the picture of the dinner we had all together at Brasenose College the last day of the workshop (by the way we have to thank Daniela for that, the dinner was incredibly awesome!).

Have great holidays you all. See you next year!