by Giles Strong

Below is a short summary of the IML workshop at CERN, which Markus Stoye has also reported on in the previous post.

Day 1 was a discussion with industry experts about the state and future of ML. In the afternoon there was work on the community white-paper that the IML plans to publish. This document is meant to be a road-map for where we want HEP to be in 10 years time with regards to ML. The proto-document is here: and we are encouraged to contribute to it. There’s also a dedicated Google group here:!forum/hsf-cwp-machine-learning

Day 2 there were presentations from HEP experiments on flavour tagging algorithms using ML; some very nice results! The afternoon had short introductions on new TMVA developments and a Scikit Learn tutorial.

Day 3 had presentations of more general tagging algorithms as well as tutorials on Keras and R.

The agenda with the presentations may be found here:

There was also a quark/gluon jet classification challenge being run throughout the workshop as part of an initiative to introduce ‘standard, public data-sets’ for comparing ML solutions (think HEP MNIST). Happy to report that yours truly came third, but further submissions are accepted. Send pull requests to, an explanation of the challenge and links to the data are also on that page.