By Tommaso Dorigo

The project “Art and Science: the colours of the Higgs boson” is in full swing in Venice, where 15 to 17-year-old students from three schools (the Liceo Stefanini, the Liceo Foscarini and the Liceo Benedetti) are producing artwork inspired by the CMS experiment and the Higgs boson. In this blog we already reported of conferences held at the schools by the Ph.D. students of the AMVA4NewPhysics network in January.  Now it is time for the students to build on the inspiration provided by those lectures and by the images of particle collisions, detector pieces, and Feynman diagrams.

Today I visited the students who participate to the project at Liceo Foscarini, and gave some hints and suggestions to the students on how to design their work – of course, leaving them as free as possible to invent something. Below are a few pictures of the students, who gathered in the PC room to collect material from the web and to discuss and develop their projects in small groups.

It was very nice to see that the students are indeed taking the challenge in the way it was imagined. I could witness some of them pondering on Feynman diagrams, others wondering how to interpret graphs with musical melodies, still others designing structures that will probably never see the light because of their dimensions – in that case I suggested that they should “think concept” rather than “think big”, for practical reasons (the artwork will have to be transportable, among other things…). I look forward to presenting the results in this blog!