by Tommaso Dorigo

For the first time, all the 10 Early-Stage Researchers hired by our ITN network got together, to attend the fourth all-network workshop. This was organized by the Outreach Officer Pietro Vischia in the University of Oviedo. Along with the network workshop, a Roostats tutorial is taking place as we speak in the Facultad de Ciencias.

It was very nice to see these young women (4) and men (6) showcasing their recent results on a number of attractive and cutting-edge topics involving the application of statistical learning tools to physics problems. I do hope they will soon give a short summary of their recent developments in these pages.

The workshop was a great checkpoint of the network action, at a very important juncture. We are at month 21 of the network timeline, and a number of scientific deliverables are due this year. The work that will be reported in these documents is at a good stage, but the planning of the production of the deliverables has to be managed with care. In addition, preparations for the mid-term review meeting of next October are in order.

The workshop also allowed the attending members to socialize during lunches and dinners together. The general agreement is that Oviedo offers way too much food, but nobody seemed ready to really complain about the treatment. Below is a picture of yesterday evening’s social dinner:

dinner oviedo

And below is a picture taken during the Roostats tutorial, taught by Mario Pelliccioni, a INFN researcher who works in the CMS experiment. Roostats is the package that contains the routines which were designed and used for many physics measurements in CMS and ATLAS, and crucially was used for the Higgs boson discovery in 2012. The tool is commonly used to extract upper limits on cross sections, significance calculations, and a number of other statistical interpretations of collider data.


So overall the meeting was a success, and the network must be grateful to the Oviedo group of scientists who hosted the event. We hope that the AMVA4NewPhysics network can relive in a new ITN in the near future, and we will make sure that Oviedo will be a beneficiary of the new endeavour!