by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Chiara Cattelan and Lorenzo Banchieri, two students of Liceo Marco Foscarini in Venice, are the authors of the work presented in this post, which along with the others presented in the former posts partecipates in the artistic contest for the EPS 2017 conference, organized by the EU project “CREATIONS” and sponsored by our network.

The two young artists have conceived an installation made up by two canvases set up back to back, one representing a LHC detectorzooming into the collision region, and the other representing the big bang.

The center of the action is a hole in the canvases, at which center resides a small plastic ball suspended by a thread. The ball can be jolted by the observer, ideally providing the collision energy, and thereby “lit up” in flashes of bright blue, yellow and red colour. On the opposite side, a translucent screen visualizes the effect of the collision projecting those dancing colours.

The idea is quite neat and the realization actually very mature for artists of such young age. This is certainly a work deserving careful consideration for the contest! In fact, the work was selected to be exposed to the Casinò di Venezia at Lido during the EPS conference, July 5th to 12th, and it participates in the final selection of the best artworks by Venice high-school students.

Below you can see some pictures and detailed views.

And below is a short video illustrating the effect of the led ball on the translucent screen: