by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The fifth artwork presented here for the series “Art & Science” (see previous posts for more details of this art contest, connected to the EPS 2017 conference) is actually titled “Toward the Boson and Beyond”. It is the result of collaboration of three students of the Liceo Marco Foscarini in Venice: Chiara Chiapatti, Micol Zhu, and Ludovica Violato. The students designed and realized a way to imagine a particle collision using a telescope. You thus get to literally immerse yourself in the beam pipe of the LHC, and -like a modern-day Geiger or Marsden- glimpse at the flash of light that a Higgs boson leaves when it is produced and decays.

The high quality of technical work that went into producing the instrument is surprising. If you pick it up if has a feel similar to a real monocular – it is not flimsy or with moving parts as you would imagine from an artisanal creation. So both the idea and its realization are commendable!

This work was selected to be exposed to the Casinò di Venezia at Lido during the EPS conference, July 5th to 12th, and it participates in the final selection of the best artworks by Venice high-school students.

Below you can see a few pictures of the object, as well as a video that sort of gives you the idea of what you see when you look inside the thing.

Here is a video showing what you see inside the scope:


And below are the authors of the work: