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June 2017

Art & Science 29: The Boson Theatre

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

 The title of this surprising sculpture is “Il teatro del bosone” (the boson theatre). It is the work of three high-school students of Liceo “Benedetti” in Venice who, like many of their peers, decided to render in a three-dimensional way the colourful particle collision images they had been shown during the initial seminars of the “Art & Science” project. At variance from other teams, however, they found a rather interesting solution to the three-dimensional challenge.

The team assembled layers of plexiglass over which they painted drops of colours, as if taking snapshots of particles exiting the collision point at different Continue reading “Art & Science 29: The Boson Theatre”

Art & Science 28: Higgs’ Christmas

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Mariam Taufiq and Denzel Aragd, two students of Liceo “Benedetti” in Venice, are the authors of the work presented here. For some reason they found some connection between the LHC proton-proton collisions that give rise to the production of Higgs bosons and the festivities of Christmas, and they decided to create an artwork that puts the two things together.

Their canvas shows an explosion of white and cyan over a Continue reading “Art & Science 28: Higgs’ Christmas”

Art & Science 27: Instant

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The work named “Attimo” (or “instant” in English) was produced by Nicolò Doglioni, Filippo Dorigo, and Zeno Pogaznic from Liceo “Benedetti”. They were impressed by the pictures of the CMS detector and its components, and they decided to try and capture the symmetry of the detection elements in a way that makes it only apparent if you happen to end up in the correct line of sight.

The attached pictures show the construction, made of coloured wood Continue reading “Art & Science 27: Instant”

Art & Science 26: Higgs’ Eye

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Another way to image the collision between LHC protons giving rise to the Higgs boson: it is the subject that an all-ladies trio formed by Beatrice Lazzarini, Giulia Lucibello, and Francesca Piazzalonga took as the starting point to design their sculpture, which they dubbed “Higgs’ Eye” because of the resulting similarity of the finished composition to an eye, at the center of which lies the Higgs boson.

They used iron wire to create a spiral within which the collision takes place, which in their mind symbolizes its capture in a contained place, clay, Continue reading “Art & Science 26: Higgs’ Eye”

Art & Science 25: The Higgs Boson

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Arvin Albertini, Francesco Poggi, and Linda Scarpa from the Liceo “Benedetti” are the authors of a inspired artwork with an uninspired title, “The Higgs Boson”. This is a sculpture consisting in a square box within which are placed two hands “pointing” to the center, where wool threads of different colour originate.

They so describe their Continue reading “Art & Science 25: The Higgs Boson”

Art & Science 24: Higgs’ Steel Wool

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Perhaps one of the most original creations of the whole set of artworks presented for the “Arte e Scienza” contest in Venice is the work shown here, which was produced by Jacopo Zanetti, Matteo Nucci, and Tommaso Talamo from Liceo “Benedetti”. Along with three videos their work is a veritable “performance art” of the set, in fact. It is unfortunate that they did not take a video to document their production process, which is even more interesting from an artistic point of view than the photographic result.

The students went to a dark place at night, and put some steel wool inside a cooking whisk. They set the wool on fire, and rotated the whisk Continue reading “Art & Science 24: Higgs’ Steel Wool”

Europe in My Region – 2: Posters at INFN

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Europe in My Region is a European Union-wide campaign encouraging citizens to discover European projects near them. In 2017, four different initiatives – project openings, a photo contest, a project hunt and a blogging contest – invite the public to visit projects, share images and experiences via social media. Thousands of EU projects open their doors mainly in May, a project hunt is organised from 2 Continue reading “Europe in My Region – 2: Posters at INFN”

Art & Science 23: Boson on Canvas

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Barnaba de Carli and Orsola Zambelli, two students from Liceo Benedetti in Venice, are the authors of the painting they called “Boson on Canvas”. They added to their own interpretation of a proton-proton collision some LED lights, so the work should be set on a dimly lit wall.

For the benefit of those of you who have no previous notion of what this is related to:  “Art & Science Across Italy” is a project of the EU Continue reading “Art & Science 23: Boson on Canvas”

Art & Science 22: The Particle

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Pietro Costantini, Gabriel Taormina, and Giulia Zago are the authors of the work titled “The Particle”. The three high-school students of Liceo “Benedetti” imagined that the Higgs boson had been “captured” inside a strange box they put together with canvas and chains.

The work should be hung from above to be properly Continue reading “Art & Science 22: The Particle”

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