by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

This is the first post of a series that will describe the activities and dissemination that AMVA4NewPhysics has organized for the “Europe in My Region” initiative of the EU in 2017.

The idea of the initiative is to explain to the public what projects active in the region where people lieve are being funded by the European Committee, as a means to inform and educate about what Europe really is. I do believe that these are trying times for the EU, with Brexit already a fact and other countries also showing stomach rumbles in their interiors. Right-wing parties try to sabotage the unity of Europe, and we must commit ourselves to acts of evangelization, explaining the good that is coming from this union. In fact, the whole concept of networking and transnational mobility that allows many scientific and training projects to be funded and function, is a great tool to sediment a feeling of belonging to a larger community and to build that interconnective tissue that makes a country what it is.

The pictures below document the exposition of two posters at the department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova. One of the posters describes the generalities of the network and its goals, and the other describes in more detail the work being carried out at the UNIPD node.

Similar posters are being prepared and will be affixed in all beneficiary nodes. In the meantime, we are also preparing informative flyers at INFN, and possibly an open-day event there. More about that in future posts. The picture below shows students looking at the poster describing the work of Grzegorz Kotkowski and the UNIPD node in the network.


Here’s another pic:


Note that the poster has the banner “Europe in my region” – it has been produced explicitly for this purpose. Below is the more generalistic poster that describes the network in its entirety: