by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Continuing the series of posts displaying artwork by high-school students of the Venice area, the pictures below illustrate a work done by Francesco Barbato,  Asia Colmagro, and Alice Sanguin, students of the Liceo “Marco Foscarini”.

The students devised a slightly critical work, which is well described in a few sentences they put together in a flyer they produced along with their “Garbage Particle Accelerator”, a plastic cylinder that does resemble a bit a garbage can. In their flyer they write:

“How much waste do we have in our world?

How much time and money do we invest in a technology such as particle accelerators?

Is this the right choice of investment?

We discussed about it…

And we ended up creating a garbage particle accelerator

Hoping that it will make you think about it as well”.

I do not know if their work made me think about the matter, but for sure it forced me to point out to the students that there are many other ways that we spend our money in (tax money, that’s what we are talking about). One year of research in Physics is paid by one day of budget by the US defense department, for instance. Or one year of money spent for tarot readers in Italy would pay for a brand new LHC.

In any case, the matter would deserve more discussion than this post allows, so let us just concentrate on the artistic value of the work. In the pictures below you can have a look yourselves. The cylinder has a transparent window that allows to peek inside, where particles are symbolized by spheres of different colours.