by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

An assembly of wooden circles installed one inside the other, containing plastic rods of different colour, is the work by Alice Giambini, Matteo Quaglio, and Olga Pintus of Liceo “Marco Foscarini”.

The students took inspiration from the fact that the CMS detector is composed of several layers, each of which has the main function of detecting and measuring a different kind of particle. So they reproduced schematically the concept by having different “cycles” connected to different particle tracks (the plastic rods). These are distinguishable by color and shape (photons, e.g., are the yellow wiggles – taking inspiration from the way those particles are shown in Feynman diagrams).

In the pictures below you can see the assembly, which requires a device to be hung from. The particles give a colorful realization of a collision event in CMS.