by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The Art & Science project, which challenges high-school students to produce artwork inspired by LHC research and visuals, foresees that students work individually or at most in groups of three. The reason for this is that it is difficult to imagine a creative process with too many authors – there will always be some bystander in a numerous group, while the initiative wants to involve all the students in the production of artwork.

The large majority of the groups of students from the Venice schools, who participated to the initiative with the goal of exposing their work at the Casinò of Venice during the EPS 2017 conference next month, turned out to be composed of three students: they seem to want to work in groups, maybe to share the responsibility for the unusual task of producing some artistic output. But there have been exceptions.

One such exception is Alexandra Cieol, from Liceo “Marco Foscarini”. She worked alone to produce the painting she titled “Il tutto e l’uno”, which is presented along with the verses of a poem she also composed for the occasion. So you get a painting and an associated poem in this case.

The painting pictures a fantasy view of a collision, so it is tightly connected to the theme of the challenge; the poem roams more free. In the pictures you can see both. I apologize but have not attempted a translation in English of the poem, for fear of doing too poor a job.

This work was selected to be exposed to the Casinò di Venezia at Lido during the EPS conference, July 5th to 12th, and it participates in the final selection of the best artworks by Venice high-school students.