by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The rather uninspired title of the twelfth artistic work presented here should not deceive you – this is a very creative effort by three students Marta Vianello, Federica Vianello, and Emma Coglitore of Liceo Benedetti of Venice, who participate in the “Arte e Scienza” project of the CREATIONS network, to which AMVA4NewPhysics collaborates.

The painting is composed by mixed techniques employing a variety of materials, including buttons, beads, paint, and other elements arranged to create a display of a LHC collision in a very colorful arrangement. While the authors have decided to remain faithful to the original inspiration material they were provided during the introductory seminars (where many event display of collisions were shown, and from which they certainly took the general layout of the presented work), they have indeed interpreted in a personal way the realization of the assembly, which has a quite pleasing appearance.

You can see the painting in the images below.