by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The last of the set of 10 works produced by students of Liceo “Marco Foscarini” – in this case Vittoria Toresin, who chose to work alone – is titled “Spots of Light”. Her work consists in a painting created with fluorescent powders of different colour. The originality of this creation is thus evident from the outset.

Vittoria chose to represent a particle collision with a set of different techniques and colours. In this way, she deconstructed the event in the sum of the different created particle trajectories and energy releases, each of which got represented by a different colour and with a different sign on the canvas. The result is a spectacular view that should be appreciated in dim light – the assemblers of the exposition will have a hard time figuring out how to best place the painting. An intense lamp will also need to be placed in front of the painting and lit up every few hours, to allow the fluorescent paint to “recharge”.

This work was selected to be exposed to the Casinò di Venezia at Lido during the EPS conference, July 5th to 12th, and it participates in the final selection of the best artworks by Venice high-school students.

The pictures below do not faithfully represent the artwork, which is best enjoyed in person. However, they give an idea of the effect in daylight and in obscurity.



Below are the powders used for the painting:


And below is a sketch (“prova d’autore”) produced by Vittoria when she was still in the design phase of her artwork.