by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

 The title of this surprising sculpture is “Il teatro del bosone” (the boson theatre). It is the work of three high-school students of Liceo “Benedetti” in Venice who, like many of their peers, decided to render in a three-dimensional way the colourful particle collision images they had been shown during the initial seminars of the “Art & Science” project. At variance from other teams, however, they found a rather interesting solution to the three-dimensional challenge.

The team assembled layers of plexiglass over which they painted drops of colours, as if taking snapshots of particles exiting the collision point at different instants. The final product of the students’ work is a neat plexiglass box which you can peek in to discern the elusive signal of the LHC collision. The result is very hard to capture with a camera, as the layers of plexiglass reflect light in obnoxious ways; the sculpture is much better observed in real life.

The authors of the work are Francesco Fuin, Francesco Ramazzotto, and Giorgio Neri. Their sculpture has been selected to be displayed at the exposition that will take place at the Casinò di Lido of Venice during the EPS conference, from July 5th to 12th.