by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The work “Impronta di una collisione” (footprint of a collision) is authored by Emma Da Re and Alessia Scarpa, two high-school students from the Liceo “G.B. Benedetti” of Venice. They tried to picture the concept that when we study the collisions that give rise new particles such as the Higgs boson, we cannot observe the real target of our investigation, but rather the effect that its production has on the surrounding space. Similarly, the breaking of glass can be observed “after the fact” – what remains is a footprint that betrays the physics process that took place before.

The students used two layers of glass which they fractured and then infiltrated with colours. The result is, in my opinion, really beautiful, and the idea behind it makes it even more interesting. This work was selected for the art exhibit that is about to be opened to the public at the Palazzo del Casinò of the Lido of Venice, in conjunction with the start of the EPS 2017 conference.