by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

The work titled “Limite mentale” (mental limit) is the result of the artistic effort of Luca Seccarello and Nanni Visintin, students from the Liceo “G.B. Benedetti” of Venice who along with 70 more participated in the “Art & Science” contest organized by the AMVA4NewPhysics network in Venice as part of a bigger initiative of the “CREATIONS” EU network.

Two days now are left before the prize-giving event in “Sala Perla” at the Palazzo del CasinĂ² of the Lido of Venice, where since yesterday the EPS 2017 conference is taking place. On the evening of July 8th, at 9PM, Fabiola Gianotti (the CERN Director General) will deliver prizes to the authors of the best artworks among 39 produced by the Venice high school students.

“Limite Mentale” is an assembly of four small square paintings. The students thus explained the concept behind their creation: Like the triangle which does not exist in reality, but takes life in our mind when we look at the assembly, a particle created in a LHC collision may only exist thanks to the tracks of its decay products.

The assembly is visible in the fisrt of the two pictures below. The second shows the central square painting alone.