by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Five of the 39 works produced by the high school students of Venice for the Art & Science contest are video recordings. In general, the footage recording skills of the students have been shown to be quite good. In the video presented here this is especially true: the product is quite well assembled, the perspectives and colours are chosen with care, and the result pleasing.

The students who produced the video are Filippo Baldan, Lorenzo Bottoni and Elia Mariotto, from the Liceo “G.B. Benedetti” in Venice. I must say that the creative process that led to this video, which allegedly started from the lectures on particle physics and the LHC search for the Higgs boson, remains obscure to me. The fact that the work is untitled also does not help. However, this artwork received significant appreciation here at the EPS conference, where it is shown on a large display in front of the area devoted to Venice students artworks.