by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Elisa Brocca and Emma Troni, two students from Liceo “G.B. Benedetti”, are the authors of the video titled “Boson Motion”. The students captured the video as a succession of frames that try to picture the collision of two LHC protons with coloured balls, and to explain the motion of massive and massless particles in the presence of the Higgs boson field. The result is a fun animation.

The Art & Science contest is coming to a close, as tomorrow evening at 9PM, in the “Sala Perla” of the Palazzo del Casinò of the Lido of Venice, the best three selected works will be given prizes by the CERN director general Fabiola Gianotti, before the start of a conference centered on the mysteries of the universe. If you have a chance, please drop by – the entrance is free of charge!