by Tommaso Dorigo

As I write this, I have on my desk a pile of brochures that INFN and the University of Padova Department of Physics and Astronomy have produced in the context of the program “Europe in my region”.

Thanks to the work, among others, of our press office coordinator Sabine Hemmer, these brochures are real nice booklets in the end. They will be distributed during the “Researchers’ Night” next Friday, September 29, in the context of the large number of initiatives that will take place in Padova – and to which will contribute the members of our network Martino dall’Osso and Pablo de Castro, who will man the INFN stand in the center of Padova.

What do these brochures contain? They describe the dozens of European Projects and Research in Physics and Astronomy that is partly funded by EU initiatives. Each main project takes one page – so AMVA4NewPhysics has its own -, plus other projects where INFN or the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy is a benficiary partner with a local responsible are also listed. So my name, if I am not mistaken, is the only one that appears twice – as coordinator of AMVA4NewPhysics and as local responsible of INSIGHTS. That is like a virtual pat on my back, of which I am very proud.

The pdf of the brochure can be downloaded at this link. The text is in Italian, so I will just translate the one for AMVA4NewPhysics below. After some biographical notes on yours truly which I will spare you, the bookled reads:

The research network sees the collaboration of over 50 participants from Universities, Research institutes and industrial partners from 10 different countries, among which the INFN of Padova and the Department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova. The large majority of the network researchers is involved in the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN in Geneva, experiments which in 2012 saw for the first time a signal of the Higgs boson.

AMVA4NewPhysics has the scope of developing advanced statistical tools for data analysis both in the area of particle physics and for industrial applications, thus contributing to the development of advanced strategies for the search of new physics. At the heart of the project is the training of 10 young researchers who will obtain the Ph. D. title. Besides the acquiring of the needed know-how related to scientific research, the students will also have a chance to know the world of industry, through stages at the industrial partners of the network.

The page is complemented with three pictures and the network logo. A snapshot is shown below.


As for INSIGHTS, half a page is devoted to that project too. I will have more occasions to talk about that project, which is similar to AMVA4NewPhysics in many aspects.