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Greg Kotkowski

My name is Grzegorz Kotkowski but for simplicity I let the foreigners call me Greg. Currently I am a PhD student at the Department of Statistical Science in Padova, Italy. I am a member of the AMVA4NewPhysics network. Among my main interests is data mining and statistical analysis, however I’m also passionate about Physics. Therefore I think I am at the best possible place.

Multidimensional Scaling of National Holidays

by Greg Kotkowski

Living abroad brings a lot of experience and surprises. One of them is to enjoy countries’ diversity and customs for particular holidays that are not celebrated in the homeland. The other thing is when you discover on your calendar a vacation day due to some national event about which you had no idea. Another time, national vacations could bring troubles when it comes to cooperation between nodes in different countries. Continue reading “Multidimensional Scaling of National Holidays”

Summarising blog content

by Greg Kotkowski

A year ago I posted an article that visualised with word clouds subjects touched by the authors of this blog. The clouds contained stemmed and filtered nouns and verbs used in posts for each author that had produced at least 3 articles. Giles had suggested to take up the argument again the following year for a comparison, so here it is. Continue reading “Summarising blog content”

Astro@stats Workshop

by Greg Kotkowski

On Friday, September 8 th I attended a Sino-Italian workshop on astrostatistics organized at the Department of Statistical Sciences in Padova. It touched current topics at the interface between Astronomy, Physics and Statistics. At a first glance, I was surprised by the similarity of the research topics that are faced across different fields of science. Often the main difference lays only in the data and the assumptions of the underlying data generating process. Continue reading “Astro@stats Workshop”

Home birth

by Greg Kotkowski

Two weeks ago I was honoured to become a father for the second time. My wife happily gave birth to our first son. I was deeply moved by this emotional moment. For a long time to come I’ll have memories of my wife relaxing with a newborn in a swimming pool in the middle of our living room. Continue reading “Home birth”

Farewell Clermont-Ferrand

by Greg Kotkowski

Tight cooperation between nodes of the AMVA4NewPhysics network is an important aspect of our work. The members of the network (especially Early Stage Researchers) are encouraged to travel between the institutions. For this reason, I’ve spent the last 5 weeks in Clermont-Ferrand (France) at the Blaise Pascal University, where I’ve worked with another ESR, Fabricio, on an algorithm for the General Search of New Physics. Continue reading “Farewell Clermont-Ferrand”

My impressions on the RooStats Tutorial

by Greg Kotkowski

On the 19th of May I was very glad to take part in the RooStats tutorial organised by the AMVA4NewPhysics Network as a part of a workshop in Oviedo. RooStats is a ROOT library that uses the “RooFit” package, and provides classes to perform statistical analysis. The tutorial was attended by all the ESR from our Network, among which I was the only non-physicist. I am a statistician who does not use ROOT at all. For this reason, my attendance at the tutorial could seem Continue reading “My impressions on the RooStats Tutorial”

Analysis of Italian Roads

by Greg Kotkowski

It is said that “all roads lead to Rome”. Is it true anymore? Certainly, during the Roman Empire main roads were constructed in such the way that everybody could easily reach the capital, the political and economical center of the country. Therefore if roads are built in order to facilitate the transportation toward the most important hubs, they could be used as an indicator of a region’s importance.

I downloaded the data of all contemporary roads in Italy from the OSM. As a starter, it is worth to plot them all (see Figure 1). It is Continue reading “Analysis of Italian Roads”

Do Not Name Him Donald!

by Grzegorz Kotkowski

Recently I’ve encountered an interesting article about the trends of the female names in the US. It shows the impact of the famous Disney Movies on the names that are given to the newborns. As the “Frozen” movie has become very popular a lot of girls born in 2014 got names as Elsa or  Merida.

I want to consider the same dataset in order to perform the analogous analysis but for names of the US presidents. My guess is that it should well represent if a Continue reading “Do Not Name Him Donald!”

Italian Universities Evolution

by Greg Kotkowski

The university of Padova is one of the oldest universities in Europe and I’m proud to be its member. It was established in 1222 and the heritage of this almost 800 year long history is visible everywhere. However in the nearby region there are universities in Bologna, Parma or Modena with even longer history.

I was curious how the education system in Italy was developing over the time. Certainly I could visit the Department Historical Sciences in Padova and ask the professors but it is much more fun for Continue reading “Italian Universities Evolution”

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