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Pietro Vischia

Particle physicist working for the CMS experiment at LHC, postdoc, statistics enthusiast, with strong interest in disseminating scientific culture.

Shame, shame, shame

by Pietro Vischia

No, I’m not talking about A Game of Thrones, although I personally consider it a shame that the last season will arrive — or so it seems — only in 2019.

What I am talking about is some possible shameful self-promotion in the content of this post. Continue reading “Shame, shame, shame”

What if you want to get your analysis published?

by Pietro Vischia

I have spent the last few hours editing a paper for an analysis I have been working on with some colleagues in the last year, and I am so bored that I stopped for a few minutes to tell you how preparing a paper in a large experimental collaboration works. Continue reading “What if you want to get your analysis published?”

The power of conciseness

by Pietro Vischia

On this blog, I have 10 blog posts in a draft state; some of them are at a somehow advanced stage, some of them have only the title and a general outline of the topic.

Almost all of them have been sitting there for months. Why?

Well, it turns out I want to pack a lot of content in a single post. My past posts are average long, and I put quite some work into them. The issue starts when I begin to be submerged by various tasks, but it is not a matter of lack of time: it is a matter of motivation friction. Continue reading “The power of conciseness”

«Es chulo», or «This night, I almost cried»

by Pietro Vischia

Today I had a very full day. It started with a working meeting (an informal meeting of the people working on some analysis) for planning how to improve the EWkino analysis (one of the searches for new physics we are involved in) with the new data CMS is taking. I then went on to the UniOvi CMS group weekly meeting, in which we all meet in the large common office (plus some people connected in videoconference from CERN) to discuss the various topics the group is involved it. Let me delay to another occasion my rant on the amount of CMS meetings we are subjected to!

Then, after some quick and frenetic coding work, I Continue reading “«Es chulo», or «This night, I almost cried»”

Life of a CMS owl

by Pietro Vischia

So, here I am: it is Friday night, technically already Saturday, since time is 00:42 in Geneva (CERN) timezone, and I am awake.

Pretty normal, for a Friday night, uh?

Thing is, I am not partying, nor am I relaxing at home: I am in the control room of the CMS detector, to monitor that everything is OK, by looking every few seconds at 8 27″ computer screens. I can do some very light work, but nothing that might prevent me from looking at monitor screens every few seconds.

Continue reading “Life of a CMS owl”

Hermione had become a bit pink

by Pietro Vischia

Hi there!

So, in a recent blog post I told a bit about me. However, this morning I was lazily re-reading it, when I suddenly remembered that a text is nothing more than a collection of elements, linked one to each other by some rules (grammar) and some standard associations: by standard associations, I mean that the topic you are writing about dictates the words that you are most likely to use. For example, if you are writing about Continue reading “Hermione had become a bit pink”

Seriously, I wanted to become a cop

by Pietro Vischia


Very shamefully, this is my first post on the network blog: I hope to make up for this by spamming writing a reasonable amount of posts in the near future.

For now, a brief presentation of myself 🙂

My name is Pietro Vischia. I come from Padova, in Italy, where I was born and where I got my bachelor and master degree in Physics. I then Continue reading “Seriously, I wanted to become a cop”

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