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Art and Science: Outreach in Venice

by Tommaso Dorigo

In a few days, students from five high schools in Venice will be lectured on particle physics, the Higgs boson, the giant detectors of today’s colliders, and will be treated with pictures and graphs aimed at stimulating their artistic vein.

This initiative, which is part of the “CREATIONS” EU project, is carried out by personnel of the AMVA4NewPhysics network – another EU project, the one I am coordinating since 2015. The idea is that students of the third and fourth year of high school spend the months of February through May creating artwork inspired by particle physics. The best of these works will be exposed during EPS 2017, the international conference that takes place this July in the Lido of Venice.

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AMVA4NewPhysics: Where We Are

by Tommaso Dorigo

The AMVA4NewPhysics network has reached month 17, and its third solar year in existence. It is time, I think, to make a short summary of what has been going on until now, before we concentrate our attention on what lies ahead.

Overall, if we look at the plan as its authors designed it in the fall of 2014, we see an impressive level of agreement. This is by no means a trivial statement! Writing a successful ITN project involves making a number Continue reading “AMVA4NewPhysics: Where We Are”

Doing Outreach With Music

by Tommaso Dorigo

Last August 27 a full-day outreach event was held in the nice small town of Veroia, in northern Greece, as one of the satellite activities to the international conference “Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum” which took place in Thessaloniki during the following days. As the AMVA4NewPhysics network sponsored the conference, of course I am proud to report here that the outreach event in Veroia was Continue reading “Doing Outreach With Music”

CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics 2017

by Fabricio Jiménez

This short post is to advertise the CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics (CLASHEP) 2017 in Mexico. The deadline for applications is the upcoming 18th of NovemberContinue reading “CERN Latin American School of High Energy Physics 2017”

Higgs to bbbar at ICHEP 2016

by Tommaso Dorigo

The ICHEP conference in Chicago is drawing to a close, and although I did not have the pleasure to attend it (I was busy with real work, you know 😉 I think I can post here some commentary of a few things I find interesting among the multitude of analyses and searches that were shown there. It goes without saying that the selection is biased by my personal interest, plus by my limited patience Continue reading “Higgs to bbbar at ICHEP 2016”

A unique experience: a Nobel Prize dense meeting

by Anna Stakia

I was recently honored to be accepted to participate in the 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting which took place in the week of 26/6 – 1/7/2016 in Lindau, Germany. Introducing a bit this year’s meeting: 400 young scientists from 80 countries were provided the opportunity for an in-depth exchange with 29 Nobel Prize and one Turing Award Laureates. This year’s Meeting was mostly dedicated to Physics (most Nobel Laureates had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, fewer in Chemistry).

Well, I frankly don’t know where to begin when it comes to describing this spectacular event. Still there is a mixture of three words which could maybe represent it Continue reading “A unique experience: a Nobel Prize dense meeting”

MLHEP challenges

by Pablo de Castro

Hej! I am ashamed to say that this is the only Swedish I was able to learn at the 2nd Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Summer School you already heard about from Giles. ML-wise the school was quite instructive, though, especially due to competitions organized during the school. I also have a challenge for you!

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MLHEP School in Lund

by Giles Strong

Hej! It’s been about a week now since I returned from Sweden, where I’d attended an excellent school on machine learning at Lund University. The course consisted of a series of lectures and seminars which started from the very basics of machine learning, and finished with us training convolutional neural-networks on GPU clusters kindly lent to us by the Finnish National Supercomputing Centre!

Lund is a small university-town in south-west Sweden, and is Continue reading “MLHEP School in Lund”

“A good physicist is able to communicate”

by Sabine Hemmer

These the words of Fernando Ferroni, president at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) in Italy, on occasion of his talk at the 7th International School of Science Journalism in Erice this week. Together with other 40 fellows I had the great pleasure to attend this school around the theme “Fundamental Science: From cutting edge technologies to the heart of society”. Continue reading ““A good physicist is able to communicate””

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