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Europe in my region

«Es chulo», or «This night, I almost cried»

by Pietro Vischia

Today I had a very full day. It started with a working meeting (an informal meeting of the people working on some analysis) for planning how to improve the EWkino analysis (one of the searches for new physics we are involved in) with the new data CMS is taking. I then went on to the UniOvi CMS group weekly meeting, in which we all meet in the large common office (plus some people connected in videoconference from CERN) to discuss the various topics the group is involved it. Let me delay to another occasion my rant on the amount of CMS meetings we are subjected to!

Then, after some quick and frenetic coding work, I Continue reading “«Es chulo», or «This night, I almost cried»”

AMVA4NewPhysics: A Success Story

by Tommaso Dorigo

As I write this, I have on my desk a pile of brochures that INFN and the University of Padova Department of Physics and Astronomy have produced in the context of the program “Europe in my region”.

Thanks to the work, among others, of our press office coordinator Sabine Hemmer, these brochures are real nice booklets in the end. They will be distributed during the “Researchers’ Night” next Friday, September 29, in the context of the large number of initiatives that will take place in Padova – and to which will contribute the members of our network Martino dall’Osso and Pablo de Castro, who will man the INFN stand in the center of Padova.

What do these brochures contain? They describe the dozens of European Projects and Research in Physics and Astronomy that is partly funded by EU initiatives. Each main project takes one page – so AMVA4NewPhysics Continue reading “AMVA4NewPhysics: A Success Story”

Europe in My Region – 2: Posters at INFN

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Europe in My Region is a European Union-wide campaign encouraging citizens to discover European projects near them. In 2017, four different initiatives – project openings, a photo contest, a project hunt and a blogging contest – invite the public to visit projects, share images and experiences via social media. Thousands of EU projects open their doors mainly in May, a project hunt is organised from 2 Continue reading “Europe in My Region – 2: Posters at INFN”

Europe in My Region 2017 – 1

by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

This is the first post of a series that will describe the activities and dissemination that AMVA4NewPhysics has organized for the “Europe in My Region” initiative of the EU in 2017.

The idea of the initiative is to explain to the public what projects active in the region where people lieve are being funded by the European Committee, as a means to inform and educate about what Europe really is. I do believe that these are trying times for the EU, with Brexit already a fact and other countries also showing stomach rumbles in their interiors. Right-wing parties try to sabotage the unity of Continue reading “Europe in My Region 2017 – 1”

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