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Higgs physics

AMVA4NewPhysics Deliverable 1.1: MVA for Higgs Boson Searches at the LHC

by the AMVA4NP press office

It is with a certain satisfaction that I can announce today that the AMVA4NewPhysics network is in complete control of its planned schedule, and has now started to provide real research-grade output, delivering its first two scientific products of relevance. Deliverable 1.1 (from work package 1, which focuses on MVA applications to Higgs boson studies) and Deliverable 4.1 (from work package 4, which focuses on the development of entirely new Machine Learning tools with in mind their application to specific HEP Continue reading “AMVA4NewPhysics Deliverable 1.1: MVA for Higgs Boson Searches at the LHC”

Art and Science: Outreach in Venice

by Tommaso Dorigo

In a few days, students from five high schools in Venice will be lectured on particle physics, the Higgs boson, the giant detectors of today’s colliders, and will be treated with pictures and graphs aimed at stimulating their artistic vein.

This initiative, which is part of the “CREATIONS” EU project, is carried out by personnel of the AMVA4NewPhysics network – another EU project, the one I am coordinating since 2015. The idea is that students of the third and fourth year of high school spend the months of February through May creating artwork inspired by particle physics. The best of these works will be exposed during EPS 2017, the international conference that takes place this July in the Lido of Venice.

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TTH or TT & H ?

by Tommaso Dorigo

Today while I was having a shower I happened to think at how cool it is that we can actually measure the rate of production, in single hadron-hadron collisions, of multiple elementary particles. A graph like the one below, now routinely produced by ATLAS and CMS whenever they collect more data or switch to a higher center-of-mass energy, looks “natural” to produce, but it is actually surprising that we indeed can pull it off – it requred careful design choices in a number of ways. I wish to discuss one of these here.

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Six months in

by Giles Strong

Ciao. As the title suggests, it’s been about half a year now since I started my PhD research, and last week I presented a summary of my work so far to the CMS group here in Padova. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to translate my presentation into a more blog-friendly form, but for the more scientifically minded, I’ll link the original at the end. Here goes! Continue reading “Six months in”

Data analysis in Hamburg

by Giles Strong

Guten Tag! Last week I took a short break from my secondment in Padova (which is going well, expect a post on it sometime) to attend a CMS data-analysis school hosted by The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg.

I’d gone with the hope of getting a proper and hands-on introduction to CMSSW, the centrally-managed software used by the CMS collaboration to access and analyse their data from the LHC. I got this, and a lot more!

The school began Continue reading “Data analysis in Hamburg”

MVAs @ LIP: it begins!

by Giles Strong

G’day! The past two months have seen the first bit of MVA application in my research. I’ve also had the pleasure of helping to supervise three students from IST, the local university, who’ve been working on summer internships at LIP. The students (António, João, and Ricardo) have expressed interest in detailing their work as guest-posts on here Continue reading “MVAs @ LIP: it begins!”

Higgs to bbbar at ICHEP 2016

by Tommaso Dorigo

The ICHEP conference in Chicago is drawing to a close, and although I did not have the pleasure to attend it (I was busy with real work, you know 😉 I think I can post here some commentary of a few things I find interesting among the multitude of analyses and searches that were shown there. It goes without saying that the selection is biased by my personal interest, plus by my limited patience Continue reading “Higgs to bbbar at ICHEP 2016”

Happy Birthday, Higgs Boson

by Tommaso Dorigo

Four years ago, the Higgs boson was officially declared an established subnuclear particle. With that announcement, an over 40 years long search finally reached its conclusion. But that day, July 4th 2012, also marked the start of a new epoch: the one of Higgs boson studies.

What we know about the Higgs boson, four years into the Higgs studies era, is a lot. We know, for instance, that its mass is of 125 GeV, give or take less than half a GeV. We are quite confident that it has null spin and positive parity, as Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Higgs Boson”

The Compound Poisson Strikes Back

by Tommaso Dorigo

Today I learned a lesson the hard way – in a nutshell, the lesson is that you should not forget what you yourself teach!

During my “Statistics for Data Analysis” lectures at the PhD course in Padova (and elsewhere – for instance here, here, here, and here) I usually start the course by drawing the students’ attention to the pitfalls of mistaking one statistical distribution for another in a given problem. And the way I do it is by citing one particular example when two physicists were led to believe they Continue reading “The Compound Poisson Strikes Back”

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