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Understanding Neural-Networks: Part I

by Giles Strong

Last week, as part of one of my PhD courses, I gave a one hour seminar covering one of the machine learning tools which I have used extensively in my research: neural networks. Preparation of the seminar was very useful for me, since it required me to make sure that I really understood how the networks function, and I (think I) finally got my head around back-propagation – more on that later. In this post, and depending on length, the next (few), I intend to reinterpret my seminar into something which might be of use to you, dear reader. Here goes!

A neural network is a method in the field of machine learning. This field aims to build predictive models to help solve complex tasks by exposing a flexible system to a large amount of data. The system is then allowed to learn by itself how to best form its predictions. Continue reading “Understanding Neural-Networks: Part I”

Five New Resonances Discovered by LHCb – Huh, So What ?

by Tommaso Dorigo

While I was busy reporting the talks at the “Neutrino Telescope”  conference in Venice, LHCb released a startling new result, which I have not much time to describe in much detail this evening (it’s Friday evening here in Italy and I’m going to call the week off), and yet wish to share with you as soon as possible.

The spectroscopy of low- and intermediate-mass hadrons (whatever this means) is a complex topic which either enthuses particle Continue reading “Five New Resonances Discovered by LHCb – Huh, So What ?”

At school again – outreach event in Venice

by Alessia Saggio

I am back again in Lausanne for my third secondment foreseen by the AMVA4NewPhysics network after one week spent in Italy to attend a Soft-Skill workshop (Giles and Fabricio already talked about it in the last posts on this blog) and to give a conference to some high school students about the Higgs boson discovery at CERN.

As pointed out by Tommaso in this post, this year some students are involved in a very interesting project that aims at combining together art and Continue reading “At school again – outreach event in Venice”

Italian Universities Evolution

by Greg Kotkowski

The university of Padova is one of the oldest universities in Europe and I’m proud to be its member. It was established in 1222 and the heritage of this almost 800 year long history is visible everywhere. However in the nearby region there are universities in Bologna, Parma or Modena with even longer history.

I was curious how the education system in Italy was developing over the time. Certainly I could visit the Department Historical Sciences in Padova and ask the professors but it is much more fun for Continue reading “Italian Universities Evolution”

Christmas in Japan

by Giles Strong

Konichiwa! Sorry for the recent radio-silence; I recently returned from spending Christmas and New Years in Japan.

I had first visited in 2013, when I’d travelled there with the Durham University Shorinji Kempo Society. I had always wanted to return and, with my retired-and-gone-travelling Dad mentioning he’d be there in December, I thought I’d head over and say hi. One of my old school and university friends, Ed, also flew out to join us.

We gradually landed throughout the day in Tokyo: Continue reading “Christmas in Japan”

2016 Highlights, Oxford Meeting Inclusive

by Anna Stakia

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone; my best wishes for a healthy, happy and productive 2017!

Let’s hope Particle Physics has in store for us some intriguing stuff in its New Year’s resolutions, and is -of course- consistent enough in keeping them! [this time] The same should hold for Machine Learning, which however has already offered us some very powerful moments in 2016. For me, the two most Continue reading “2016 Highlights, Oxford Meeting Inclusive”

A TV Interview

by Tommaso Dorigo

Some time ago I participated to a TV show organized by a producer of programs for local television channels, LP network. The program is titled “Pandora’s Box” and its anchorman, Carlo Savergnago, invited me together with a high-school teacher, Paola Zocca, to discuss the Italian school system and the challenge of helping students find and enhance their natural talents.

Of course I do not consider myself an expert of that topic, but I believe I was able to give my own perspective on the matter, at least as far as the teaching of scientific disciplines is concerned. The discussion was not very deep, as the Continue reading “A TV Interview”

About the 3rd AMVA4NP workshop (and happy new year)

by Alessia Saggio

Hi everyone – I just got back from the 3rd AMVA4NewPhysics workshop that took place in Oxford on December 19th and 20th. I am heading back home for holidays now, but before wishing you a merry Christmas I would just like to share with you some feelings and impressions that I had about this workshop.

First of all, it was really nice for me to be back in Oxford after five months. If you followed the blog, you may know that I spent all July there to work on my first secondment and that I had a really great time. The city felt like Continue reading “About the 3rd AMVA4NP workshop (and happy new year)”

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