Early-stage researchers (ESR) enrolled in AMVA4NewPhysics will benefit from a well-designed network of researchers willing to share their experience on data analysis, statistical methods, and particle physics. Below are the network participants who will act as main supervisors of the graduate students hired by the network, as well as the co-supervisors of the partner institutions.

Main supervisors:

tommaso Tommaso Dorigo is a researcher at INFN-Padova. He is the coordinator of the AMVA4NewPhysics network and main supervisor of the ESR enrolled in Padova. Dorigo is a member of the CMS collaboration, where he serves in the Statistics Committee, and is active in Higgs boson studies.
Daniela Bortoletto is a Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford. She is the chair of the Supervisory Board of AMVA4NewPhysics, and the main supervisor of the ESR enrolled in Oxford. Bortoletto is a member of the ATLAS collaboration, and she leads a group active in Higgs boson searches and measurements. daniela
julien Julien Donini is a Professor of Physics at the Université Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand and the main supervisor of the ESR enrolled in UBP. Donini is a member of the ATLAS collaboration, where his research focuses on top physics and new physics searches.
Christophe Delaere supervises the ESR on matrix-element methods at UCL. He is an experimentalist leading the effort toward the development and implementation of a new generation of Matrix Element Methods in CMS. He is also a main developer of the Delphes package. christophe
joao Joao Varela is a Professor of Physics at the University of Lisbon and a reasearcher at LIP. A former deputy spokesperson of the CMS experiment, he is the Project Coordinator of the precision proton spectrometer of CMS. He leads the LIP team in Higgs physics analyses and supervises the work of the LIP ESR, who focuses on Higgs decays to tau leptons.
Michele Gallinaro is a researcher at LIP. He is the physics coordinator of the LIP-CMS group and he leads searches for charged Higgs bosons to tau leptons. He is the co-supervisor of the LIP ESR.  michele
niki Niki Saoulidou is a Professor of Physics at the University of Athens and a researcher at IASA. Her research activities center on the CMS experiment where she leads several data analyses employing hadronic jets to search for new physics signatures involving heavy new particles. In AMVA4NewPhysics she supervises an ESR and serves as Equal Opportunities Officer.
Giovanna Menardi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova. Her research activity focuses on classification and clustering methods in data mining. She supervises the ESR working on the development of new statistical learning applications for particle physics.  giovanna
 paris Paris Sphicas is a Senior Scientist at CERN and deputy spokesperson of the CMS experiment, where he has previously held various positions, including Computing/Software/Trigger and Physics coordinator and later chair of the publication committee. He has been a driver of SUSY searches and he is the main supervisor of one of the two ESRs enrolled at CERN, working on new physics searches.
Andreas Weiler is a Professor of Physics at Technische Universität München, where supervises the AMVA4NewPhysics ESR working on automatical model testing and phenomenological studies of new physics. andreas
tcfoto Tancredi Carli is a Senior research physicist at CERN and a member of the ATLAS collaboration. He is a renowned expert in calorimetry, QCD, and top quark physics. In AMVA4NewPhysics he supervises the second CERN ESR and served as Events and Training Officer for the first half of the project.


Partner institutions’ co-supervisors:

daniel Daniel Whiteson is a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCI and a member of the ATLAS collaboration. At the Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems of UCI he will co-supervise three ESRs during their two-months secondment periods, developing with them deep neural networks for new physics searches.
Victor Panaretos is a Professor of Mathematical Statistics at EPFL, where he will co-supervise four AMVA4NewPhysics ESRs during one-month secondments aimed at deepening their knowledge on MVA methods. His research centers on stochastic modeling applied to natural sciences.  victor
 herquet Michel Herquet, a former researcher in theoretical particle physics, works at B12 Consulting and will be the co-supervisor of two AMVA4NewPhysics ESRs during their three-months secondment periods at his company.
Maurizio Sanarico is a Chief Data Scientist at the Milano section of SDG, where he will co-supervise three ESRs during three-month secondments. The ESRs will be involved in the study of topological multi-scale analysis techniques. maurizio
 andrey Andrey Ustyuzhanin is the Head of the joint CERN-Yandex project at Yandex, where he will co-supervise three AMVA4NewPhysics ESRs during three-months secondments in Moscow. Their will work on the application of multi-variate analysis for web searches and data mining.
Ilya Narsky works at MathWorks. He is an expert on MVA techniques and has written a popular book on the topic. He will co-supervise two AMVA4NewPhysics ESRs during three-month secondments in Natick (Mass). They will be involved in the development of software products for advanced data analysis. ilya