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Science taken wide


by Giovanni Banelli

Hi everyone, my name is Giovanni Banelli and I’m the last student joining the AMVA4NewPhysics network. I will be based in Munich (Technical University) and formally I’m the only theorist among the ESRs; hence I will be working on the theory/phenomenology side of the use of advanced statistical tools in searches for New Physics. Continue reading “Science taken wide”

Shame, shame, shame

by Pietro Vischia

No, I’m not talking about A Game of Thrones, although I personally consider it a shame that the last season will arrive — or so it seems — only in 2019.

What I am talking about is some possible shameful self-promotion in the content of this post. Continue reading “Shame, shame, shame”

The power of conciseness

by Pietro Vischia

On this blog, I have 10 blog posts in a draft state; some of them are at a somehow advanced stage, some of them have only the title and a general outline of the topic.

Almost all of them have been sitting there for months. Why?

Well, it turns out I want to pack a lot of content in a single post. My past posts are average long, and I put quite some work into them. The issue starts when I begin to be submerged by various tasks, but it is not a matter of lack of time: it is a matter of motivation friction. Continue reading “The power of conciseness”

Summarising blog content

by Greg Kotkowski

A year ago I posted an article that visualised with word clouds subjects touched by the authors of this blog. The clouds contained stemmed and filtered nouns and verbs used in posts for each author that had produced at least 3 articles. Giles had suggested to take up the argument again the following year for a comparison, so here it is. Continue reading “Summarising blog content”

What could you do in a low-cost flight?

by Pablo de Castro

This post is the result of a self-imposed free-writing exercise while crossing on a plane, therefore it differs in format and content from my previous compositions. My aim was to write what I was thinking, without editing or overthinking. Here you go!

Continue reading “What could you do in a low-cost flight?”

A foray into creative writing

by Andrea Giammanco

Tommaso encouraged me some time ago to advertise here my own blog, although it is not written in English, and so I do:

Particelle stabili cariche e massice (i.e. Heavy stable charged particles; sub-title: Quindi non era un problema di calibrazione?, i.e. Are you saying it was not a calibration issue?)

It is a sci-fi story based at CERN, which unfolds (not in that sense) between 2019 and 2022, although the narrator is writing in 2042 and assumes therefore that his contemporary readers are aware of many facts that the protagonists cannot know yet.

My goal is Continue reading “A foray into creative writing”

Reaching Out

by Tommaso Dorigo

Today I gave a look at the geographical provenance of the visitors to this blog, to see what progress we have made in the course of its eight months of activity.

Of course starting a new blog is never easy – attracting regular readers is difficult, and the offer of good outreach material nowadays is very broad; so you need to post regularly, and add good content. All in all I am satisfied of our action, but there’s room for improvement; I should mention that the AMVA4NewPhysics network is Continue reading “Reaching Out”

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