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What if you want to get your analysis published?

by Pietro Vischia

I have spent the last few hours editing a paper for an analysis I have been working on with some colleagues in the last year, and I am so bored that I stopped for a few minutes to tell you how preparing a paper in a large experimental collaboration works. Continue reading “What if you want to get your analysis published?”

AMVA4NewPhysics: Fully-Armed and Operational!

by Giles Strong

Just in time for our 4th all-network workshop, the AMVA4NewPhysics ITN reached full capacity with the addition of the two final ESRs, Seng (Munich) and Ioanna (Athens). The aforementioned workshop was hosted by the University of Oviedo, itself a recent addition to network, and organised by our outreach officer, Pietro, who did Continue reading “AMVA4NewPhysics: Fully-Armed and Operational!”

The importance of being together

by Alessia Saggio

One month has passed since I arrived in Oxford, and now it’s already time to leave. What’s quite strange is that I surprised myself thinking that I’m sad to go away from here, even though tomorrow I’m going back to Italy for my vacations. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m looking forward to catching up with my family again, but I have to say that this month has been even better than expected.

I’ve been working with Cecilia and Giles. We worked Continue reading “The importance of being together”

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