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Multidimensional Scaling of National Holidays

by Greg Kotkowski

Living abroad brings a lot of experience and surprises. One of them is to enjoy countries’ diversity and customs for particular holidays that are not celebrated in the homeland. The other thing is when you discover on your calendar a vacation day due to some national event about which you had no idea. Another time, national vacations could bring troubles when it comes to cooperation between nodes in different countries. Continue reading “Multidimensional Scaling of National Holidays”

Stereotypes about the British

by Cecilia Tosciri

Many people, especially Italian people, like to complain about the weather in the United Kingdom and endorse other stereotypes, as the bad food, the expensive living, the excessive politeness of British people, the lack of the use of bidet… Well, that’s all true!

During the last three weeks in Oxford Continue reading “Stereotypes about the British”

Two weeks in Lisbon

Hyvää päivää. So, my move to Lisbon was successful. My flat’s nice, has a great view of the sea, and is about a half-hour walk from LIP. My stuff from England eventually arrived, some items in slightly more pieces than is optimal, c’est la vie, luckily my guitars were all ok. Continue reading “Two weeks in Lisbon”

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