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Up and running in Oxford

by Cecilia Tosciri

Here we are, another week has gone in Oxford. As well as in the rest of the world, you would say, but this has a particular meaning here in Oxford, and in general in the UK. Indeed the academic year, running from October to June, is organized in Terms which in turn are divided into 8 Weeks each.

The modern academic calendar used in the UK mainly descends from the English law court system, which divided the year in four terms Continue reading “Up and running in Oxford”

The importance of being together

by Alessia Saggio

One month has passed since I arrived in Oxford, and now it’s already time to leave. What’s quite strange is that I surprised myself thinking that I’m sad to go away from here, even though tomorrow I’m going back to Italy for my vacations. Don’t get me wrong, of course I’m looking forward to catching up with my family again, but I have to say that this month has been even better than expected.

I’ve been working with Cecilia and Giles. We worked Continue reading “The importance of being together”

Oxford secondment

by Giles Strong

So here I am, back in England; currently working on secondment at Oxford University with Alessia and Cecilia, two fellow AMVA4NewPhysics researchers.

Surprisingly, I had only visited Oxford once before, during undergraduate applications, but it’s certainly nice to be back. Not only does it have a lot of history and amazing buildings, but it was also one of the settings for Continue reading “Oxford secondment”

After two weeks in Oxford…

by Alessia Saggio

Hello everybody,

If you were wondering where I ended up (but also if you weren’t), I’m happy to let you know that I’m in Oxford since two weeks! I joined Cecilia who’s based here and also Giles joined us some days ago.

In these two weeks I’ve been working on the implementation of MoMEMta for the pp→HH→4b jets process since we want Continue reading “After two weeks in Oxford…”

Stereotypes about the British

by Cecilia Tosciri

Many people, especially Italian people, like to complain about the weather in the United Kingdom and endorse other stereotypes, as the bad food, the expensive living, the excessive politeness of British people, the lack of the use of bidet… Well, that’s all true!

During the last three weeks in Oxford Continue reading “Stereotypes about the British”

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