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Fashionable researcher

by Greg Kotkowski

Usually, fashion and science are like the opposite sides of a magnet – if one is important then the other is left behind. Let us add up the odds and take some thoughts about the aspects of a PhD student’s physical appearance. It is quite peculiar that I mention this subject, because I don’t care much about my look. Specifically, let me mention hairdressing. Not the last trends, as I know absolutely nothing about the subject, but rather the problem of getting a haircut abroad. Continue reading “Fashionable researcher”

Summer activities at LIP-Lisbon

by Giles Strong

So, it’s been a while since my last post, apologies for that, but the summer has been both busy and eventful, so let me summarise what’s been happening. Continue reading “Summer activities at LIP-Lisbon”

Farewell Clermont-Ferrand

by Greg Kotkowski

Tight cooperation between nodes of the AMVA4NewPhysics network is an important aspect of our work. The members of the network (especially Early Stage Researchers) are encouraged to travel between the institutions. For this reason, I’ve spent the last 5 weeks in Clermont-Ferrand (France) at the Blaise Pascal University, where I’ve worked with another ESR, Fabricio, on an algorithm for the General Search of New Physics. Continue reading “Farewell Clermont-Ferrand”

My time in Padova

by Giles Strong

After two months of jolly cooperation, my secondment in Padova is over, and I’ve had to bid farewell and head back to Lisbon.

When I first arrived, I spent a month working at the statistics department of the University of Padova with Cecilia, Greg, Pablo, and Giovanna. There I continued development of a neural-network-based classifier I’d been working on, and was also able to share it, and it’s results, with my fellow researchers and get feedback on it.

I also began development Continue reading “My time in Padova”

CERN at first sight

by Greg Kotkowski

A week ago I started my 3-months secondment at CERN. This is the first time that I have ever come to CERN. Don’t blame me, I’m a statistician, not a physicist, so I have never had neither an opportunity nor any need to come here.

So far I’m totally overwhelmed and knocked out by CERN. Seeing all those researchers and other smart people in one place is an extraordinary experience. Actually, I feel kind of stupid Continue reading “CERN at first sight”

Anaconda, Pandas and more: life at B12 Consulting

by Alessia Saggio

As you probably remember from my last post, I started my internship at B12 Consulting two weeks ago as my second secondment foreseen by the network activities.

So, today my third week starts and I guess it’s a good time to tell you what I have experienced and learned in these days. Continue reading “Anaconda, Pandas and more: life at B12 Consulting”

Secondment in Padua

by Cecilia Tosciri

A few days ago I left Padua, where I spent one intensive month, working with other network members and ESR fellows (Giles, Greg and Pablo) at the Statistical Department.

A first observation

When people from different disciplines work together, like in the case of physicists and statisticians, the first stumbling block is the communication. This is mostly because Continue reading “Secondment in Padua”

My internship at B12 Consulting starts soon!

by Alessia Saggio

When I joined this network, I knew that I would travel a lot and that I would experience working with data analysis in (almost) all its different forms. This is actually what I’ve been doing until now and mainly what I will be doing from next week on until the end of the year. Well, to be honest, this new experience Continue reading “My internship at B12 Consulting starts soon!”

My amazing summer i.e. Lifestyle of a physicist

by Cecilia Tosciri

Hi there! I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch over the last few weeks, but this summer has been really crazy for me! After the dissertation of my master thesis, I had just one day to pack everything, all my emotions, my memories, fears, hopes and dreams and go for this new amazing Ph.D. experience! It was the first day of June and from that moment on, I got around so much that my mother, as a travel agency owner, should be proud of her daughter :)!

Just to give you an idea Continue reading “My amazing summer i.e. Lifestyle of a physicist”

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