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Multidimensional Scaling of National Holidays

by Greg Kotkowski

Living abroad brings a lot of experience and surprises. One of them is to enjoy countries’ diversity and customs for particular holidays that are not celebrated in the homeland. The other thing is when you discover on your calendar a vacation day due to some national event about which you had no idea. Another time, national vacations could bring troubles when it comes to cooperation between nodes in different countries. Continue reading “Multidimensional Scaling of National Holidays”

Plans for next Summer? Start a career in particle physics!

by Fabricio Jiménez

This is the time of the year when I start to reach out to as many undergraduates in physics (and similar subjects) as possible. My yearly mantra for them: “Apply to summer internships!” I cannot emphasize how much my two internships shaped my life and career, from fortuitously having breakfast with a Nobel laureate, the living legend Jack Steinberger (and maybe a story to tell in another post) to hands-on work in physics analyses for the LHC and making friends from all across the globe. Continue reading “Plans for next Summer? Start a career in particle physics!”

Grandma’s Higgs bosons

by Alexander Held

Last month, I had the pleasure to attend the 2017 edition of the European School of High-Energy Physics in Évora, Portugal. We were about 100 students, including my fellow ESR Pablo. The two week program included lectures on many high-energy physics-related topics, such as the Standard Model, cosmology, statistics, Higgs physics, and phenomena beyond the Standard Model. Continue reading “Grandma’s Higgs bosons”

What could you do in a low-cost flight?

by Pablo de Castro

This post is the result of a self-imposed free-writing exercise while crossing on a plane, therefore it differs in format and content from my previous compositions. My aim was to write what I was thinking, without editing or overthinking. Here you go!

Continue reading “What could you do in a low-cost flight?”

Farewell Clermont-Ferrand

by Greg Kotkowski

Tight cooperation between nodes of the AMVA4NewPhysics network is an important aspect of our work. The members of the network (especially Early Stage Researchers) are encouraged to travel between the institutions. For this reason, I’ve spent the last 5 weeks in Clermont-Ferrand (France) at the Blaise Pascal University, where I’ve worked with another ESR, Fabricio, on an algorithm for the General Search of New Physics. Continue reading “Farewell Clermont-Ferrand”

Language and communication

by Giles Strong

An Englishman, two Italians, a Spaniard, a German, a Pole, and a Venezuelan walk into to a bar; the barman looks over and exclaims “What is this, some kind of European research-network?”

I’d been drafting a similar post to this a few months ago, but without a central point, it felt a bit flat and I never published it. But with seven of the ESRs from our network gathered in one place for a workshop in communication skills, I might finally Continue reading “Language and communication”

Let’s take a break: a quick tour through the beauties of Belgium

by Alessia Saggio

After annoying you for one month with Machine Learning algorithms and my “consulting life”, I decided it’s time to take a break! This time I would like to share with you some pictures I took in some amazing places in Belgium that you should absolutely visit in case you pass by here. In fact, my parents and my sister came to visit me last weekend, the weather was unexpectedly nice, so I brought them around for a small tour of Belgium.

There are a lot of nice l Continue reading “Let’s take a break: a quick tour through the beauties of Belgium”

My amazing summer i.e. Lifestyle of a physicist

by Cecilia Tosciri

Hi there! I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch over the last few weeks, but this summer has been really crazy for me! After the dissertation of my master thesis, I had just one day to pack everything, all my emotions, my memories, fears, hopes and dreams and go for this new amazing Ph.D. experience! It was the first day of June and from that moment on, I got around so much that my mother, as a travel agency owner, should be proud of her daughter :)!

Just to give you an idea Continue reading “My amazing summer i.e. Lifestyle of a physicist”

Fuel for research

by Giles Strong

As our regular readers may have noticed from the recent posts on here, the participants of our research network get around a bit, attending various schools, conferences, and secondments about the globe. This involves staying in a variety of accommodations, and quite often self-catering.

I love cooking and one of my favourite meals to make is dahl; it’s cheap, tasty, filling, and quick to make. I would Continue reading “Fuel for research”

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