by the AMVA4NewPhysics press office

Arvin Albertini, Francesco Poggi, and Linda Scarpa from the Liceo “Benedetti” are the authors of a inspired artwork with an uninspired title, “The Higgs Boson”. This is a sculpture consisting in a square box within which are placed two hands “pointing” to the center, where wool threads of different colour originate.

They so describe their work:

“The Higgs boson is also known as ‘god particle’, and it is exactly this surname that better inspired us to realize a work in which art and science coexist. Hands, in fact, clearly allude to ‘Adam’s creation’ by Michelangelo, and it is this imperceptible space between the two fingers, so rich with tension, of atmosphere, and at the same time unabridgeable, that arises in us the deepest doubts on the mysteries of human genesis. So the Higgs boson, set at the center of the composition exactly between the two pointing fingers, acquires a more precise meaning: from one side it constitutes the scientific progress and on the other side it establishes a concrete point of contact between art and science. Two disciplines that have always been mysteriously fascinating.”

This work is one of the 17 from Venice high-school students that were selected to be exposed at the EPS conference in July. You can see it below.