by Giles Strong

So here I am, back in England; currently working on secondment at Oxford University with Alessia and Cecilia, two fellow AMVA4NewPhysics researchers.

Surprisingly, I had only visited Oxford once before, during undergraduate applications, but it’s certainly nice to be back. Not only does it have a lot of history and amazing buildings, but it was also one of the settings for the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy which, as I mentioned in my introductory post, was partly responsible for drawing me to physics.

So far, the work here as been very beneficial; in a single meeting we were able to decide on the production plan and settings for the simulation samples the network will use, and sort some storage space for them. And being together means we get to share the pain of getting them produced! Luckily we seem to have solved most of the problems, and will be able to leave the samples to generate over the weekend.

Being back allows me to catch up on many of the things I miss: Ale, cheddar, the cold, cars on the correct side of the road, and excessive politeness. I’ll also be catching up with some friends this weekend, and some family at a cousin’s wedding the weekend after. So all in all it should be a great trip!


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